Owlet: peace of mind at every stage of growth

Welcoming a newborn into your life is an extraordinary experience, full of happiness and magical moments. However, it’s only natural that this adventure is also accompanied by concerns, especially for parents discovering the joys of parenthood for the first time. Between baby’s adorable smiles and new responsibilities, there’s often a mixture of wonder and worry about the unknown. That’s where Owlet comes in!

Founded on the principle that every parent deserves a peaceful night’s sleep while looking after baby, Owlet has developed a range of innovative products that are redefining the way we monitor our babies’ health and well-being.

Owlet: an approach dedicated to family well-being

The Owlet brand was created to provide parents with peace of mind. By combining medical know-how and cutting-edge technology, the brand has developed monitoring solutions that exceed expectations.

Owlet’s products guarantee peace of mind for parents, enabling them to get a better night’s sleep! With Owlet’s technology, parenthood becomes more peaceful.

Owlet’s Monitor Duo is the most complete intelligent baby monitoring system available. The Monitor Duo gives you a complete overview of your baby.

By combining the Smart Sock 3, a smart sock that can be slipped onto the baby’s foot to monitor vital parameters such as heart rate and oxygen levels, with the Cam2, a video camera that can be hooked on or placed on the foot, this system offers a complete solution for baby monitoring. No more worries while baby sleeps!

The Monitor Duo adapts to your preferences with a choice of colors:

Night Blue
Ocean Green
Dusty Rose

Discover the Smart Sock 3 :

Vital Signs Monitoring: The Smart Sock is equipped with sensors that measure oxygen levels and heart rate when you put the sock on your baby. This enables parents to monitor these crucial parameters.

Automatic alert: In the event of abnormal variations in vital signs, the device is designed to trigger alerts on the smartphone, informing parents of any abnormal situation.

Connectivity: The Smart Sock 3 connects to an app on the parents’ smartphone, enabling real-time remote monitoring.

Comfort: The sock is designed to be comfortable and safe for baby, with soft, non-irritating materials.

Dusty Rose
Deep Se Green

Included when you buy the Smart Sock 3:

Sock sensors
Base station
2 sock sizes for left and right feet from 0 to 18 months
Charger and power cables

Discover Cam 2:

Night vision: Cam 2 features 1080p HD video surveillance with night vision, directly on the Owlet app. This allows parents to keep an eye on their child even in the dark of night.

Connectivity: The Cam 2 isn’t just a camera, it’s got great connectivity, enabling parents to receive a notification on their smartphone when motion or noise is detected in baby’s room. Cam 2 also lets you communicate with baby from your phone, so you can reassure him or her wherever you are!

Precise monitoring: Cam 2 measures humidity and temperature in the room to ensure baby’s well-being.

Storage: Thanks to its storage space, videos are kept for up to 7 days. This enables parents to analyze baby’s sleep cycle.

Owlet’s Cam 2 is available in several colors on our website:

Sleepy Sage

Included when you buy the Cam 2:

Owlet Cam 2 camera and magnetic base
Wall-mounting kit and cable cover